8 Reasons to Rent Private

Why Go Private?

The 8 Benefits of Renting a Private Holiday Home Over a Hotel

1) A space to call your own

Especially for larger families, renting private homes provides more than enough space, since you're not restricted to a single hotel room. A single home with multiple rooms allows the family to choose how they wish to enjoy their holiday, be it spending time together in the living areas or relaxing in the spacious bedrooms.

2) Need a bit of privacy

One of the primary benefits of renting a home is privacy. Apart from some of the more expensive hotel suites which provide certain benefits of having your own lounge or dining, most hotel guests are forced to share public spaces with other travelers, unlike renting a private home which provides you with some peace and quite.

Private Bedrooms

3) What you see is what you get

One of the great benefits of renting a private home is that what you see is what you get, this is not always the case when booking a hotel room. Establishments normally photograph the best suites in the hotel with the best views, but cannot guarantee you that room, whereas rental homes can.

4) Finding the ideal location

A major selling point of private properties is finding the ideal location. Whether it be a Villa with panoramic views, proximity to the airport or on the beach, these prime properties will be cheaper than staying in a hotel with a similar location.

5) Enjoy your holiday, your way

Staying in a private home, allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule, you can eat whenever you want, or go on excursions wherever you choose. Enjoy your holiday, the relaxed way, no time schedules, no fixed choices... just your way.

Eden Island Marina

6) Share the perfect family meal

Flexible dining options are one of the many benefits of a private holiday rental, something that hotels can't offer. You can cater to your own family's tastes by creating and sharing the perfect family meal, cooked with the freshest ingredients from the local markets – or choose to escape the cooking completely and enjoy regional delicacies in the best local restaurants. Even if it's just somewhere to make breakfast in the morning, your own kitchen is invaluable.

7) Great free In-house amenities for the whole family

Almost all holiday homes come with great free in-house amenities such as washing and drying facilities, which allows you do your laundry while on holiday. They also offer complimentary internet, movies, board games, magazines and novels. These services are available in hotels but can cost an arm and leg.

8) Spend less, enjoy more

Private holiday rentals offer exceptional value for money, especially for large families or groups and is by far the most cost effective solutions for your holiday. With a private rental you can save a substantial amount compared to the average family hotel stay, offering you real luxury for less.

It is a no brainer, these are just some of the reasons why you should go private...

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